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Rupert Giles [userpic]
by Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
at September 11th, 2006 (06:41 pm)

current mood: infuriated

Continued from here

Giles looked down at the plate of eggs Wesley had handed it. He was impressed to see the yolk was still in tact. Not many people with such little experience could manage that. Taking the jam and butter from Wesley, Giles went and sat down at the table.

The spent their breakfast discussing the translations Wesley needed help on. It was nothing like Giles had translated before, and he was actually quite intrigue to get to work on them. After they were finished with their breakfast, and the dishes were cleaned off, they went out to Wesley's car and went to the firm.

"Don't forget to give the biscuits to Fred, love," Giles said as he followed Wesley to his office.

"Did I hear my name?"

Giles turned around and smiled as he watched Fred walk up. "Good morning, Fred," he said with a smile. "How are you?"

"I'm good, thanks. Now, did I hear you had something for me?" she asked with a grin.


Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: September 12th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
Me - This Can't Be Good

Wesley was so happy that Rupert was going to work with him. He hated to admit it, but part of him was still a tad unsettled about working at Wolfram and Hart, especially after what had happened the other night, finding out what Lorne had allowed them to do. If given enough time, would the Senior Partners get to all of them? Find their weaknesses and exploit them, drawing them in and not letting them go?

It seemed it had already happened to Gunn. It had happened to Lorne, even though they had saved him. God only knew what Eve was telling Angel behind closed doors.

So having Rupert there felt like the grounding he needed to make sure that he didn't allow himself to get pulled in, no matter what they threw his way.

When the reached his office, he was nodding at his lover's reminder when he heard Fred's voice and looked up, smiling at the way she was asking what they had got for her. "Well, considering everything you did putting up with Purple Pan and Wendy the other night..." He held up the bag of chocolate chip cookies he had purchased for her.

"Oh! My favorite!" she squealed, taking the bag from him. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome," he told her as they walked into his office. Fred opened the bag and took one out, taking a bite.

"Oh, these are wonderful. Would you two like one?" she asked.

Wesley shook his head and glanced over at her as he set his bag down on the desk. "No, that's quite all right. We already ate--Dad?" His eyes widened as they locked on the man that had just stepped into the office behind Fred.

"Dad? Okay, is this left over from the other night because that's a really, really creepy nickname for you to be calling me--."

"I do believe he's referring to me," the man who had just walked in said, causing Fred to spin around. "Roger Wyndam-Pryce." He glanced over at the other man in the room, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Hello, Rupert."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: September 12th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
Giles - Pissed Off

Giles chuckled over how excited Fred got about chocolate chips cookies. In a way, she reminded him a lot of Willow. When she offered him one, he shook his head. "I'm quite full from the wonderful breakfast Wesley made me," he said with a smile. He was about to go over to Wesley's desk when he noticed movement by the door. Turning, his mouth about dropped open when he saw Roger standing there.

"Roger," he lowly said to the other man.

There was a slight pause before Roger tutted.

"It would seem manners still isn't my son's strong point," Roger said, looking at Fred. "You would think he would introduce you to me."

"Oh! I'm Winifred Burkle," Fred said, shaking Roger's hand.

While they were talking, Giles found himself walking to stand by Wesley. He took a protective step forward. Fred and Roger finished their conversation, and Fred left the office. The elder Wyndam-Pryce turned around and looked at the two men before him.

"Why isn't this a surprise?" Roger sniffed as he glanced at Rupert. "I was told you left your position because you wanted to move to Los Angeles. I should've known it was because of my son. He had such a bright future until you corrupted him, Rupert."

Giles took another step forward and narrowed his eyes. "If you're here to speak with me, then speak to me and leave Wesley out of it," he growled.

"Oh no. I'm not here to see you, Rupert. You're nothing to me anymore," Roger said as he turned his gaze to Wesley. "I'm actually here to speak with Wesley. Preferably in private."

Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: September 13th, 2006 02:21 am (UTC)
Me - Really?

Wesley had been so shocked to see his father standing there that it wasn't until he chided him for his manners that he had realized how remiss he had been in not introducing Fred. Although part of him didn't want Fred anywhere near him. He didn't want any of his friends anywhere near him.

And he certainly didn't want Rupert near him, especially when he started poking at him with his snide comments. As he spoke, Wesley found his hand curling into a fist, but when his father turned to him, he found that he couldn't do what he wanted. He couldn't push him out of the office and tell him to shove off because no matter what, this was still his father.

But even if he couldn't do that, he wasn't going to let him push Rupert out of his life either. Not again. "Wh--whatever you have to say, you can say in front of him," he managed to tell him. "Rupert and I don't have any secrets. No--not any more."

Glancing from Wesley to Rupert, his father let out a loud sigh and shrugged. "Have it your way." He walked over to the couch and sat down, making himself comfortable. Wesley stared at him, wondering what in the world could have brought him all the way here from England when they had barely even spoken in the last few years.

"Is...Mum's all right?" he asked before cringing inwardly at how lame he sounded even asking after his own mother.

"She's fine. Sturdy as ever," Roger replied. "I'm sure you know from your--erm, from Rupert, that the Watcher's Council has been reformed. Since we've lost so many of our rank for different reasons..." He shot Rupert a look, and Wesley felt anger burning down inside him. "I've been sent to evaluate whether you should be offered a position in the new Council."

"You're saying the Council wants me back? How convenient this comes after Rupert decides to tender his resignation and move here."

"The Council is giving you a chance to clear your name...our name, boy."

Wesley shook his head. "No. I'm happy here."

"You can't be serious," Roger said with a unamused chuckle as he rose from the couch. "Happy here? At Wolfram and Hart, the haven of evil?"

"No. Happy here with Rupert."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: September 13th, 2006 04:38 am (UTC)
Giles - Listen Here

Giles felt his anger rise to the surface when he saw what having Roger in the room was doing to Wesley. It sickened him to know that this was the man who'd terrorized Wesley most of his life, and he wanted nothing more than to throttle the self-serving bastard into a bloody pulp. But, he couldn't do that. Not in front of Wesley. Perhaps Giles could get Roger into a darken hallway and teach him a lesson or two.

Instead, Giles stood and listened as Roger basically offered Wesley a job at the Council. He wasn't stupid, and neither was Wesley, and both of them had seen through it. Roger's offer had nothing to do with the Council wanting Wesley back. He'd probably pulled some strings to get Wesley his job back in order to keep him away from Giles.

"Ah, yes, my son the poof. You broke your mother's heart you know. She was rather looking forward to have grandchildren, but she won't know because you rather be with another man. Of course it is her fault for babying you so much when you were little. All of the punishment I gave out, she reversed as soon as she found out about it. Children like you should be ruled with an iron fist."

"Yes, terrorizing your child and locking them in closets and under the stairs is a wonderful way to teach them a lesson. You're nothing but a barbaric," Giles hissed.

Roger turned and gave him a smirk. "Yes, and you know so much about parenthood. You couldn't even control a sixteen-year-old, or her friends. Tell me, Rupert, how is Miss Rosenberg fairing these days? Has she killed anyone lately? Raised anyone from the dead?" he asked.

Giles was about to lung forward and snap Roger's neck when the office door opened and Lorne stuck his head in. "Hey cupcakes! Freddles caught herself a cyborg and was wondering if the two of you wanted to come watch her dissect it."

Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: September 15th, 2006 01:40 am (UTC)
Me - Silent Rage

When his father called him a poof, Wesley felt his heart seize in his chest. He knew he shouldn't care what he said, not after everything he had done to him, all the ways he had never measured up to his impossible standards, no matter what he had done. But he couldn't help it - this was his father, and for so long, he had wanted nothing more than his love and approval. Old habits died very hard.

Even after so long away.

The fact that he was so...homophobic, that he couldn't accept that Wesley was in love with Rupert and wanted to be with him, hurt more than anything he had ever said to him over the years. No because it was against him, but because it included Rupert. Because each of his barbs were aimed at the man he loved just as much as - or even more than - at him. He felt his fingernails beginning to bite into the skin of his palm.

Then he went to far and blamed Rupert for what had happened to Willow.

Before he could react, though, Lorne came in. Wesley looked at Rupert and took a deep breath. "Wh-where did it come from?"

"Guy Angel was meeting with this morning. Thing totally went screwy, and he came home with Data's ancestor."

"I'd like to see this," he said, his curiosity getting the better of him. "Rupert, you've had some experience with robots and such, haven't you? Based on what Willow told us last year. Maybe you might recognize something about it?"

He then looked over at his father, realizing that his fist was still clenched and not about to relax any time soon. "Since you...since I'm not interested in your offer--."

"I'd rather like to stay and see this place of yours, actually. I can still make my recommendation to the Council, no matter what misguided decision you make."

Wesley bit his tongue at that. "Suit yourself," he said as he headed toward the door to go to the lab.

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: September 15th, 2006 10:29 pm (UTC)

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Posted at: September 16th, 2006 06:08 am (UTC)

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Posted at: September 17th, 2006 07:21 am (UTC)

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Posted at: September 20th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)

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Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2006 01:10 am (UTC)
Me - With Book

As he and Rupert began researching the markings together, Wesley found himself finally beginning to relax a bit. Despite the way things had started between them in Sunnydale, they had come to do well researching together, and it had become a comfortable thing between them. Of course, it had often led to other things between them...or not between as the case might have been, but still, researching with Rupert had been something Wesley had most enjoyed about his work with the Scoobies, and it was nice to be able to do it again.

While Rupert started reading through what he had called up in a source book, Wesley called up another text and set to work himself, settling on the couch next to his lover. The first text didn't seem to be of any use, though, so he was considering another book to call up when suddenly the door opened, and his father walked in, giving them a disapproving look as he announced that he was there to help.

His neck muscles starting to bunch again, Wesley pursed his lips together as he looked up at him. "We're doing fine on our own, thank you, Father," he told him. Closing the book in his lap, he raised it up to his lips. "The Saitama Codex." When he opened it back up as the text inside changed over, he could see his father inching over out of the corner of his eye.

"What did you just do?"

"These are source books, uh, templates," he told him. "Um, I use them to call forth material in our archives.

"So, you can simply call forth anything as powerful as the Saitama Codex?"

He could feel the tenseness in his neck starting to spread to his head. "Yeah, the archive is extensive. We have, well, almost any text you can think of."

"Do you realize how dangerous these books are?" his father asked. "And you have them displayed...open on a table."

Wesley wanted to hit back with a sarcastic comment but bit his tongue. "The most powerful items in my department I keep secure in a vault." He looked over at Rupert. "I know what I'm doing, father."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2006 04:55 am (UTC)
Giles - Looking up pissed

Giles wonder if Roger remembered anything he'd said to him earlier about leaving Wesley alone. It didn't seem like he did considering he was now standing in Wesley's office, badgering him about his source books. Roger was lucky his son was in the room also, or Giles wouldn't thrown him out the window.

"Roger..." he started.

The older man looked at him and raised his eyebrows. "Ah, yes, Rupert, I forgot to give you a message. The blonde out front said you had a message from Buffy's little sister. What is her name? You know, the one that was made and should've been killed but you were too attached to do so."

Giles' fists clenched at his side and he lowered his gaze. "Her name is Dawn. And if you ever speak of in that manner again, I will send you out the bleeding window!" he growled before looking at Wesley. "I need to see what she needs. I promised she could call me if she needed anything."

He leaned over and softly kissed Wesley on the cheek, not caring if Roger was there and quickly left the room. Giles was almost to the front desk when several men, dressed in black, rushed the lobby. His first instinct was to go back to Wesley's office but one of the men cornered him and the only option he had was to fight.

Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: September 23rd, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC)
Me - What?

When his father suddenly conveniently recalled that he had a message to give Rupert, Wesley narrowed his eyes, wondering what he was up to. Roger Wyndam-Pryce didn't forget anything. Either he had purposely decided to wait to give the message or was making it up, he wasn't sure which. He kept his mouth shut until Rupert had left the room, leaning into his lover's kiss on his cheek.

Before he could say anything to his father, however, he was going on about the lock on his vault.

"I sure you, Father, that--."

He wasn't able to finish because at that moment, the lights went out in the office and an alarm began sounding. Wesley immediately rushed toward the door to find out what was going on.

"Does this sort of thing happen often around here?" his father asked.

"I think we should--DOWN!" he yelled when he saw the figure coming in through the door to his office.

As his father dropped, he grabbed a sword from nearby and thrust at the man...who reached out and pushed him across the room as though he were a rag doll. Falling to the floor, he watched as the intruder walked over to his table of books. He quickly threw his sword to his father, who was standing up, and grabbed another weapon, running over to help him, stabbing the intruder in the arm and knocking him down. He had just noticed what looked to be wiring and electrical nodules under the skin he had sliced open when his father started in on him.

"What do you think you're doing? I had attack priority."

"We're not fencing!" He couldn't believe his father was making a scene when this was going on!

"We still follow the basic rules."

The cyborg began to stand, so Wesley grabbed the sword from his father and thrust it into its gut. It sparked and fell over, lying still.

"There could be more of them in the building," he said, looking down at it in amazement. What the bloody hell was going on? "We should get moving."

"That thing went straight for the templates when he burst into the room. You can't leave them like that."

Wesley looked over, realizing he was right. "Grab the books."

Once they were inside the vault with the books, Wesley pulled out his keys and opened a compartment to place the books into. Just as he was turning to his father, however, he saw the butt of a gun coming toward him, and a moment later, everything went dark.

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: September 24th, 2006 05:23 am (UTC)
Giles - Chainsaw

The cyborg was strong and when it hit Giles, it hurt. "Bloody hell," he mutter as blood filled his mouth. He hit the cyborg and it stumbled back but then lunged at him again.

"Giles! Catch!" Angel yelled as he tossed a sword at him.

Giles caught it with one hand and impaled the cyborg. He blinked when sparks started to fly out from it. He pushed it over, and turned to go back to Wesley's office when another cyborg attacked him, pushing him out into the main lobby. There was mass chaos and it seemed no one knew what was going on.

He didn't know how long he had been fighting the cyborgs off, but suddenly the fighting died down. Giles turned to go down to check on Wesley when he ran into Fred. "Have you see Wesley?" he asked as he licked the blood off his busted lip.

"I just saw his dad a little bit ago and he said Wesley went up onto the roof. There's more up there," she said. "Roger and Angel went up there to help."

"Thank you, Fred," Giles said as he gripped the sword in his hand and went toward the stairs to the roof.

Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: September 26th, 2006 04:11 am (UTC)
Me - Ow....

Wesley's head was pounding.

Groaning, he slowly opened his eyes and pushed himself up off the floor. His father. His father had hit him with a gun! Looking around, everything in the vault seemed untouched, but something was going on, and he didn't have time to go searching through every compartment. He went out to his office, where he found the cyborg still active. Quickly, he dealt with him, threatening to blow him up with the building to find out what he father was up to.

When he told him, Wesley growled and deactivated him before running to his desk and pulling out the gun he kept there. Running out of the office, he looked around for a moment, then headed toward the stairwell, leading to the roof.

His father was planning on taking Angel.

"Wesley!" Fred's voice called out. "I thought you were up on the roof! Your father..."

"My father is in on all this," he told her tightly. "Where's Rupert? Have you seen him?"

"He went up to the roof too because he thought you were up there!"

Growling, Wesley put on a burst of speed as Fred ran up the stairs behind him.

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: September 27th, 2006 01:20 am (UTC)

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Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 04:48 am (UTC)
Me - Dark

Wesley let Rupert lead him to his office to get their things, then out toward the lift so they could go home. He just wanted to crawl into bed and hold the man next to him and not think about anything else, even as the images of his father...the cyborg...his father falling to the ground as he shot him ran through his head.

He suddenly thought that he should get out his car keys when Fred walked up to them, asking how they were doing. He looked over at her, the image of her being grabbed flashing through his mind.

"My father--I mean...that thing...he didn't hurt you, did he?" he asked softly, suddenly realizing that he hadn't even heard if she was okay.

"No...I mean, my wrist is going to be a bit stiff, but it's nothing. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." She reached up and hugged him. "I'm so sorry, Wes."

"I'm just glad you're all right," he told her. Besides Rupert, she meant the most to him, and he would never let anything happen to her.

When she released him, she gave Rupert a hug too, then stood aside to let the two of the head for the lift. Wesley turned and looked at her, giving her a smile before turning back to Rupert and leaning against him.

"Umm...my keys," he said when the lift door shut, remembering what he had been about to search for before they had run into Fred. He started patting down his pockets. "I'm...I'm not sure where I put them. I thought I had them here."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2006 10:06 pm (UTC)
Giles - Concerned

Giles tightly hugged Fred, glad that Wesley had a friend like her. When they released each other, Giles stepped into the lift with Wesley. The doors slid shut and he looked over at his lover, and smiled a bit. "I have you keys, love. Don't worry about it," he whispered as he slipped an arm around Wesley's waist and pulled him closer before pushing the lift moment.

A moment later, the doors were sliding open again and he held onto Wesley as he led him to the car. Using the keys, he unlocked the passenger side door and once Wesley was inside, Giles closed the door and jogged over to the driver's side. He slipped behind the steering wheel.

Once the car was started, Giles pulled out of the garage and headed toward Wesley's flat. He didn't know what to say and didn't want to upset Wesley any further so he remained silent until they got to the flat. When they got inside, he locked the door behind him and set their things on the table.

"Do you need anything? Would you like me to make you some tea? Perhaps run a bath?" he asked.

Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: October 4th, 2006 11:45 pm (UTC)
Me - Oh No

When Rupert said that he had his car keys, Wesley nodded gratefully and let him take him down to the Jeep, leaning against him. He didn't know what he'd be doing if he hadn't been there. He couldn't imagine going through this without him. He needed Rupert, more than he had ever realized.

The drive back to the flat was quiet. Wesley stared out the window into the darkness, the events of the night playing over and over in his head. He had been so certain that cyborg had been his father. So certain.

And he hadn't thought twice about shooting him.

As he closed his eyes, shutting out the passing streetlights though the glow from them brightened and faded with the movement of the Jeep, that thought rolled over and over in his mind. He had shot what he thought was his father. And he hadn't stopped to think about it. He had just done it to save Rupert and Fred. Mainly to save Rupert.

He had killed for the man he loved. Even if it hadn't really been his father.

He wasn't sure what to make of that. He didn't even know if he could. Every time he tried to think about it, his mind went numb again.

When they reached the car park under the apartment building, he slid out of the car and let Rupert take him upstairs. He stood, not sure what to do when he heard his lover's question and looked at him.

"I'm..." He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, trying to sort himself out long enough to make a decision. "Tea. I think. And perhaps I should..."

Call his parents?


Lock himself away and never come out again?

"I don't know what I should do," he finally said. "Part of me wants to call my parents just to...just to make sure...but I don't think... What he--it said about us, the snide remarks...that was my father. That was how he sounds and what he believes."

Sighing, Wesley shook his head. "You're my family, Rupert. You're the one I feel like I've finally found a real home with. And I...I thought...I killed something I thought I was related to in order to save you, and...thinking about it, I know I'd...do it again. And I'm not sure how to deal with that."

Posted by: Rupert Giles (g_watcher)
Posted at: October 5th, 2006 05:23 pm (UTC)
Giles - Concerned

Giles wished there was something more he could do for Wesley. He tried to put himself in his lover’s shoes but didn’t think it was fair. He hated Roger with a fiery passion, and would kill him on sight if he ever threatened to hurt or kill Wesley. Giles knew it was different for Wesley though because Roger was his father, no matter how poorly he’d treated his son.

“I’ll put the kettle on, love,” he said before slipping into the kitchen. He wanted to boil the water over the range, but decided to make it with the electric unit. Giles didn’t want to leave Wesley alone for longer than he had to. When he came back, he sat the cup of tea on the coffee table and steered Wesley over to the couch.

“Sit down and take a few deep breaths. You don’t have to deal with this right now. I’ll ring Angel in a bit and tell him you won’t be in the office for a few days.”

Giles knew he needed to get Wesley away from all of them. He needed to get his love away from the firm, and someplace where he didn’t have to worry about demons, vampires and evil lawyers. Someplace where they could relax and Wesley could heal. Things had been so hectic and both of them needed a breather.

Suddenly, the phone rang and Giles reached over to answer it. It was Fred, wondering how Wesley was doing. After a brief conversation, Giles rang off and looked at the other man. “Fred says if you need anything to ring. She also sounds rather disappointed that we’re going away. It seems we aren’t the only ones in need of a holiday,” he said as he took Wesley’s hand and squeezed it.

Posted by: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (gfs_wesleypryce)
Posted at: October 9th, 2006 01:25 am (UTC)
Me - What Is That?

While Rupert disappeared into the kitchen, Wesley stood in the middle of the lounge, feeling like he should do something, but wasn't sure what. He wanted to pick up the phone, but he couldn't bring himself to. He wanted to take a hot shower and wash away the conflicting feelings he felt crawling on his skin.

When his lover came back a few minutes later, he let Rupert move him over to the couch and sat down. He took the cup of tea, holding it in his hand, suddenly realizing how cold he felt as its warmth spread through his hand. A few days. Yes. He didn't want to go back to the firm. Not now. Not after what had happened. He wanted to stay with Rupert and wrap himself in his arms and not have to deal with anything having to do with this place.

While Rupert spoke to Fred, he sipped his tea, letting the liquid sooth his throat, the heat spreading through him. He looked up at his lover when he got off the phone and mentioned about them going away. "A holiday?" he asked softly, holding his hand. "I haven't...it's been awhile since I've been on a holiday. Where...where would we go?"

Part of him wanted to go back to England, to see his father with his own eyes. But another part of him didn't want to see him, was afraid of what might happen when his father saw them together. He had dealt with that enough.

Still, though, a part of him wanted to go back to England, so he could at least see a familiar place again.

"Can we go back to England?" he asked softly. "It's been so long since I've been there."

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